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Did you know that you could significantly reduce or even eliminate your heating costs by utilizing waste oil boilers or heaters for your heating needs?  Waste oil boilers and heaters fueled with used oils such as used vegetable oils, recycled oil, used motor oils, used transmission fluids or used hydraulic oils can virtually eliminate your fuel costs

Businesses such as quick lube shops, auto repair shops and implement dealers that generate used oil as a byproduct of their primary business are able to heat their businesses with ZERO fuel cost.  Because re-using waste oil can be considered recycling, your waste oil heating system can potentially qualify for tax credits for even more savings.

For businesses that don't generate their own waste oil, waste oil can be purchased at a fraction of the cost of other fuel sources. Sound interesting? Call us today at 1-866-605-4328 or (270) 852-8733 to see how AgSolutionsLLC can help you SAVE!



Waste oil heating systems can be utilized by virtually any type of business for all their heating needs.


Biodiesel Production Facilities

Our heaters offer the biodiesel production facilities an opportunity to utilize those same fuels as our boilers to provide for economical space heating costs.  With the most powerful alternative fueled heaters on the market the biodiesel producer may be able to reduce the number of heaters that they currently have in use.


What sets our systems apart from others is the ability of our systems to be fueled with vegetable oils - both new and used - of all types, and with some of the glycerin byproduct from the biodiesel production. We have several customers who currently utilize their glycerin as part of their fuel.

 Agriculture and Greenhouses

  • Root heating systems
  • Hot water radiant heating of all types
  • Under bench heating systems
  • Hot water unit heaters
  • Poly-tube heaters
  • Poultry house heating systems
  • Any type of heat distribution system that can use hot water

General Business

  • Building heating
  •  Warehouse heating
  • Car wash hot water/facility heating
  • Process heating
  • Hot water de-icing (parking lots, sidewalks, etc)
  • Domestic hot water